The Ultimate Cost Guide to Building a Townhouse

Embarking on townhouse development presents an enticing investment opportunity for forward-thinking real estate developers eager to maximise their returns. The demand for custom homes and townhouses continues to soar in Toronto, ON prompting seasoned custom home builders and investors to scrutinise the costs associated with these projects. 

For real estate developers, investors, townhouse builders, and townhouse developers alike, a meticulous consideration of the costs of building a townhouse is paramount for project success. While the average cost of constructing a townhouse in Toronto ranges from $115,500 to $237,500, it is crucial to recognize these figures as averages, with costs varying significantly based on various factors, these factors include: 


The geographical location of the townhouse development site significantly influences costs. Prime locations with access to amenities and in-demand neighbourhoods tend to have higher land and construction costs.

Design Complexity

The intricacy of the townhouse design and architectural features can affect construction costs. More complex designs with custom elements may require additional materials and labour, contributing to higher overall costs.

Materials & Finishes

The quality of materials and finishes chosen for the townhouse construction impacts costs. Opting for high-end finishes and durable materials can raise construction costs, while budget-friendly alternatives can lower expenses.

Size & Layout

Definition: The size and layout of the townhouse, including the number of rooms and overall square footage impacts the overall costs of townhouse construction. Larger townhouses with more rooms typically incur higher construction costs due to increased material and labour requirements.

Environmental Sustainability

From energy-efficient designs to the use of sustainable building materials, prioritising environmental sustainability not only contributes to a greener future but can also have positive implications on long-term operational costs and market appeal. 

Permitting & Regulatory Requirements

The costs associated with obtaining necessary permits and complying with regulatory requirements can be substantial. Furthermore, delays or changes in the permitting process can affect timelines and may result in additional costs.

At Conder Developments, our extensive experience in townhouse development positions us as a reliable partner for real estate developers, townhouse builders, and those seeking custom homes. 

Collaborating closely with individuals and real estate developers, we create townhouses that not only align with budgetary considerations and regulatory requirements but also embody innovation and quality! Our commitment to excellence as custom home builders ensures that your townhouse project becomes a successful reality. 

Ready to embark on a townhouse development journey that maximises your investment? Contact us today and discover how our experience and dedication can transform your vision into a thriving townhouse project! 

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