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At Conder Developments, Inc. we understand that custom home construction can be a complex journey. Whether you are an investor eyeing our subdivision projects, a client entrusting us to build your dream home, or a contractor/vendor interested in collaboration, we are here to address all your questions about custom home building in the Greater Toronto Area. 

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What is a custom-built home?

A custom-built home is a residence designed and constructed according to the specific preferences and needs of the homeowner. Unlike pre-built or spec homes, custom homes offer complete freedom to personalize every aspect, from layout and architecture to materials and finishes. Our custom home builders specialize in bringing your unique vision to life, making your dream home a reality in Ontario.

Why should I choose a custom-built home?

Choosing a custom-built home means having a say in every detail, ensuring that your home aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, tastes, and requirements. Our custom home construction process empowers you to create a space that reflects your personality and caters to your family’s needs. 

How long will it take to build a custom home?

The timeline for custom home construction varies depending on the complexity of the project and other important factors like Ontario weather conditions. Generally, it takes several months, typically around 6 to 12 months, to complete a custom home in Ontario. However, it is important to know that our custom home builders prioritize efficiency and timely project management to ensure your home is ready for you to move in as planned.

How much money should I expect to spend on a custom home in Ontario?

The cost of a custom home in Ontario varies greatly based on your design choices, location, and specific requirements.

On average, you can expect to invest between $200 and $500 per square foot. Our custom home construction experts work closely with you to optimize your budget while delivering the quality and features you desire. Click here for a free consultation. 


Why do custom homes appraise lower prices than other homes?

Custom homes may sometimes appraise lower due to their unique features or location, which can make it challenging for appraisers to find direct comparables. However, our custom home builders prioritize value and quality, ensuring that your custom home holds its worth over time, even if the initial appraisal may not fully capture its value.

What time of year should I build a custom home in Ontario?

The best time to build a custom home in Ontario largely depends on weather conditions. Spring and summertime construction are ideal due to milder temperatures and less precipitation. However, our custom home construction team has experience working year-round, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly regardless of the season.

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Since 2002 we have been committed to making your custom home building experience in Ontario as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are an investor, a client, or a contractor/vendor, our custom home builders are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. Contact us today to chat with our custom home construction team about custom home building in the Greater Toronto area! 

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