How to Plan a Great Residential Development

Residential development is a complex process that is full of moving pieces. It is a process that involves careful planning, innovative design, and a deep understanding of how new housing subdivisions can shape a neighbourhood. 

Even when everything goes right, developing a subdivision requires meticulous preparation. As real estate investors, it is important to approach each project with a strategic mindset and the right guidance.

At Conder Developments we have completed numerous successful residential developments and have some tips and tricks to help you plan a great residential development experience, such as: 

  • Understand Your Goals & How They Will Impact the Community

Every residential development project should start with a clear understanding of your goals and how they will impact the community. Are you aiming to create affordable housing subdivisions, luxury residences, or mixed-use spaces? Each goal has unique implications for the local community, and being aware of these effects is vital.

You should consider these community factors when developing a residential subdivision: 

  • Traffic Patterns
  • School Districts
  • Accessibility to Amenities
  • Public Transportation

Understanding these dynamics will help you make informed decisions that align with the needs and desires of the community when developing a subdivision. 

  • Make a Plan That Maximises Your Available Space

Space is often a limited resource in residential development, and it is key to make the most of what is available. Your plan should aim to maximise land usage without compromising comfort or aesthetics. This means thinking vertically and creating designs that make efficient use of space.

Remember that incorporating shared spaces, such as parks or communal gardens, can also enhance the overall appeal of your development.

  • Focus on Sustainable & Efficient Designs

Sustainability is no longer a trend– it is a necessity in today’s residential development projects!  Not only does it align with environmental responsibility, but it also has the potential to reduce long-term costs and enhance the appeal of your properties.

Consider incorporating green spaces, walking paths, and other eco-friendly features in your new residential development that create a sustainable and attractive community.

  • Create Subdivisions That Meet the Needs & Wants of Buyers

Ultimately, your residential development should be designed to meet the needs and wants of potential buyers. Invest in some market research to understand the preferences of your target demographic. What type of housing do they desire? What amenities are important to them? 

By aligning your project with the desires of your potential buyers, you can create a housing subdivision that not only meets the market demand but also thrives in the long run.

As you embark on your journey in residential development, we are your trusted ally! 
At Conder Developments we have experience in new residential development dating back to 2002. Our team is well-versed in understanding the goals of developing a subdivision and helping you to align your residential subdivision with the needs of your community. Let us help you plan a great residential development! Contact us today to chat with our team about residential subdivision projects today.

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